Day 6: Cosmic Intervention

cosmic intervention

you were my solitude.
i met you shortly after summer in
a shady shanty, a gathering of few.
you tried to meet my eyes but i
was clamoring for the razzle dazzle.

you were my solitude.
you inched closer and found me
at the corner facing my army;
everything was inevitable as that gaze
met mine and never left since then.

you were my solitude.
we were the polar opposites;
you were slow, calm and steady,
i was an explosion waiting to happen.
the universe awaits.

you were my solitude.
i took you to places, you met
a few new faces. you took me to places
and consumed me in the scenery and
the only memory of your face.

you were my solitude.
but you were tangled in the klieg of
bright constellations, into a love/hate affair
with the comets that
chased after that first night.

you were my solitude.
and as i finally eased into
your orbit, we moved further.
and as i found myself you were lost in
a whim, waltzing with your skeletons.

you were my solitude.
the earth was not our meeting place as
i lead us cruising through stellars, you drove to
see the milky way and came across a
cosmic intervention- of being worlds apart.


Prompt: A Valediction for Day Six (modified)


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